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BioPlus Industries brings an opportunity to earn lucrative and handsome returns with low investment. Come aboard and join hands with a rapidly growing company in India by becoming our Dealer. Our unique dealership model invites you to be a part of our growth story along with accumulating great returns on your investment.

Sales and service training over webinars or physical.

Hardcopy & Softcopy of all product brochures.

Support in any trade shows++

Technical support over call

Online inquiries received by us to be transferred to distributor in that area.

Excellence advertising and branding support where distributors will be featured as our esteemed partners.

Dealer & Distributor


scale new heights in future?

herald a positive and healthy change in other's lives?

become an entrepreneur and be your own boss?

scale earn repute, recognition and respect in your business?

earn guaranteed success in your business?

ensure a safe and sound financial future for you and your family?


To start with, why you should be a BioPlus Distributor? Let us ensure you that, a distributorship program with BioPlus is much more than a lucrative business. In the face of Pandemic, people across the world have realized the importance of good health, hygiene and the right choices. As we share a noble vision of heralding good health, as a BioPlus distributor you also become a part of our mission.

The increasing awareness of health and healthy lifestyle choices has also resulted in a surge in the sales of our products.

Since its inception, BioPlus has become a synonym for transparent, fair and morally upright practices. The same is for the products which have garnered huge appreciation and trusted customer base, thanks to its superior quality, authentic equipment and great service. As a BioPlus Distributor, you are already joining hands with a trusted and a successful brand.

Having a range of more than 30 products completely designed, developed, tested and sold in high volumes thus creating the opportunity to have the advantage of choosing the products you would like to sell.


As a BioPlus Distributor, you will become the part of a Quickstart program, through a meticulously guided process.

Preparing for business

When your consignment arrives: Maximum 7 to 10 working days are required to reach the consignment all over India. For abroad, please refer our export guide.

Marketing & lead developments: Respect to the current situation, we will adopt a push & pull marketing strategy on the internet. Leads developed through CRM and shall be transferred to distributor of that area. Extensive branding and advertising exercise will be adopted in the relevant mediums where the names of distributors will be mentioned.


BioPlus is dedicated to healthify the lifestyles through good quality water, food and air. To serve the purpose, it has a vast range of products one can choose from.

Studies suggest that Alkaline water, High acidic pH, pollution free air, Healthy or Nutritional food helps in boosting immunity as well as neutralize acidity in the body caused by unhealthy diet, stress and environmental hazards. With H2AAA water from BioPlus, one gets the water enriched with essential minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and Calcium which aids in keeping you healthy.


Over the years, awareness about health, nutrition and importance of a good diet has taken precedence resulting in a great rise in the healthcare and aided industries. With the COVID-19 crisis, the trend is steadily moving upwards and it has also benefitted the healthcare industry a lot.


Being with BioPlus is all about being with the pioneers, trendsetters and the visionaries. Innovation has always been a forte and attitude, making BioPlus the preferred choice for countless happy customers. BioPlus was the first one to introduce the concept of Hydrogen rich, Alkaline, Antioxidant and Antibacterial water to India in the year 2008. Over the years, the company is consistently investing in developing better products by closely observing trends, studying the market and understanding the needs.

For the past 6 years we have even been developing and selling Hydrogen Rich Water products.


BioPlus has been a frontrunner in introducing research-backed, thoughtfully designed and successfully tested new technologies and products in India which have received a huge response and great sale boost.

Promotion & Marketing Strategy:
Awareness through customer attracting activities.
Grab the attention and interest through live demonstrations elaborating on advantages and benefits. Helping customers make an informed decision through satisfactorily solving, concerns and queries.


Be your Franchisee. Build your flourishing business.

Biotech Industries brings an opportunity to earn lucrative and handsome returns with low investment. Come aboard and join hands with a rapidly growing company in India by becoming our franchisee. You might be residing anywhere across the India, our unique franchisee model invites you to be a part of our growth story along with accumulating great returns on your investment.


Investment of ₹ 5 Lac.

Approx. 300 to 600 sq.ft of space

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