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Our ambition is to be the frontrunner corporation in the healthy water industry of India, by creating and delivering beneficial products that exceed customer’s expectations while ensuring a balanced and caring culture.

Our Profile

An identity with a difference

Incepted a decade and back, with BioTech Industries, the promoters dreamt and envisioned to revolutionize the water treatment process in India. With integrity and commitment as an ingrained part of the practice, the group succeeded in its mission of bringing a wave of good health through good water as BioPlus (BioTech Industries) is one of the pioneers in India to intraduce Alkaline Water. Since the foundation, the company understood and anticipated the need for pure and virtuous solutions that would help people stay healthy in extremely erratic lifestyle and thus since then is committed to delivering Products that ensure quality water matching up to international standards. As truthfulness is the virtue at the core of who we are and what we do, our code of values encompasses a commitment to uprightness, morals, and essence of mutual respect for both our esteemed patrons & our team members. Consistently endeavoring to fulfill the mission, today BioPlus portfolio has solutions like Alkaline products, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Hydrogen Rich Water, Special filteration & purification of water. We also provide clean Air by Air purifier and help to make food more healthy by passing through Oil Purifier. An entity representing unity and cohesiveness, BioPlus benefits from the enriching experience and deep-roated business wisdom of the team of directors - Mr. Bhupesh Patel, Mr. Snehal Kotadia, Mr. Anil Gajera, Mr. Atul Acharya and Mr. Rajesh Vasani whose great working synergy reflects in the wonderful solutions that the company offers. Keeping research and development as the mainstay of operations for better solutions is an engraved motto and thus, major range of products use the revolutionary technology like Electrolysis & Bioceramics technology which not only makes water H2AAA but also adds essential minerals, making water 100% mineralized.

Our Profile



We believe in uninterrupted perfection, motivation to offer the most inspiring products and services available. Our company has a founding mantra of providing state of the art healthcare products that are best in its class, with in house research and development capabilities.

Our product range has been designed and developed with the sale motive of improving the health of every individual with little or no interference to the lifestyle through Air, Food and Water. We relentlessly evaluate our work in order to identify areas where we can improve. Our growth route is to conquer local, spread national and reach the international market. Our sole motive and goal are to serve humanity.


We are passionate about giving our best and doing the finest job possible while having fun performing it. We have the drive to exceed goals and expectations, both individually and collectively and we are rewarded for it. Our products are well received by our customers having a well developed local market and future projection of our company is to cater to international markets with a loyal customer base. To us, this is not just a job it is a passion for ensuring great health for the community at large. We envision a safe and good future for humanity as we believe a life lived in the service of humanity is worth living.



For us, the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach our full potential are the keys that have unlocked the doors to excellence. As we believe that yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win and we give our best our products and services are the glaring examples of these exemplary principles. From the promoters to each and every employee of the company we believe the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job and the determination.


At BioPlus every member plays an important role in achieving a goal in every vertical of business. We have work ethics where we ensure that every team member is both endowed and pre-emptive. We take responsibility for the successful and timely completion of work entrusted to us. Understanding what we do fits into the company's culture and its strategy for growth. As we strongly adhere to the belief that... Accountability breeds Response- Ability.

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We strongly believe and foster a creative environment that motivates and inspires all to deliver only the best with absolute honesty and integrity. The quality of our products has recognized us as the leader in the water treatment industry providing appropriate solutions to every requirement of our customers. By way of providing splendid customer service and the highest quality water treatment products, we have earned the loyalty and respect of our customers and become a company that thrives on referrals. At BioPlus, quality is hot anactitis a habit.


We at BioPlus believe that to become a true leader in the market one must have the confidence to stand alone, have the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of the customers. A corporation can become a leader by adopting impartiality in actions and integrity in intent. For us, integrity is our destiny... Itis the light that guides our way.

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