Team behind India's Best Alkaline Products Brand in India- Water Ionizer, Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle, Alkaline Water Filter


As the promoters of BioPlus, there is always a culture that nurtures team spirit and respect to individual insight. The great success and formidable presence that the group has achieved in the market reflects this cohesive spirit of promoters. Armed with professional degrees and rich industry experience, each of them brings onthe table positivity, passion and dedication to take the company further and higher.

Mr. Snehal Kotadia

An engineering grad, Mr. Kotadia brings on the table the technical acumen and always help the company treads the tough waters with ‘everything is possible

Mr. Bhupesh Patel

Having a degree in Pharmacy, Mr. Patel understands the scientific aspects of the Products and processes and through his keen understanding of the subject, help the company stay updated and upgraded with better solutions.

Team Work

We are positive and enthusiastic about our products, our people and our company as we believe in them. We value and grow from the team culture that pushes us to find our passion, perfect it and share it as a team. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our team members. We listen to the ideas and viewpoints of others. We are committed to effective communication and collaboration, recognizing that these are the foundation on which our products are built. At BioPlus we believe that Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.


BioPlus evolution has been fuelled by collectively overcoming the challenges. Our triumphs are always dedicated to our out of the box thinking employees. Our employees are part of the BioPlus growth journey and the founding stone of our success. We have created a pool of employees those who are with us since our inception, we have trained and groomed them; they are the front line warriors for us. As at BioPlus, we believe that employees are a company's greatest asset. They are our competitive advantage and we retain the best. We provide therm with encouragement, stimulus and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company.

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