AAA + Mineralising filters

AAA + Mineralising filters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 - How long do these filters last?

    The life of the filters depend on the quality of source water (input water). These filters are to be installed post purification and so assuming good quality of water input, we have mentioned the approximate life for different filters.

    2 - How do these diffusers/filters work?

    The diffusers/filters contain Bioceramics and Activated Carbon.

    3 - What are Bioceramics?

    The Bioceramic balls are made from various kinds of natural minerals. Also usually known as Mineral balls. This technology was found in Korea. It is baked and cooled under high temperatures several times. There are different Bioceramics with different functions and usage.

    Functions of Bioceramics used in the diffusers/filters range from adding minerals like Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Increasing pH, Negative ORP (Antioxidant), infusing dissolved Hydrogen & enhancing the taste. 

    4 - About BioPlus Activated Carbon

    There are many types of high-tech activated carbon available for filtration of water. The performance of these filters depends on the strata (layers of rocks in the ground) from which it is derived (e.g. anthracite coal, bone char, coconut shell) and the way it is manufactured. Coconut shells are one of the stravas showing best results & which is why with experience & research, BioPlus offers Activated Carbon made from coconut shells.

    BioPlus Activated Carbon are manufactured with the most advanced technology which provides great quality & performance.

    5 - Where to install these filters?

    These filters are for post treatment of water purification and hence the input water should be any drinkable water. One can get these filters installed in any purification system.

AAA 8" Filter

Specification Description
Size 8” Length X 2.5” Diameter
Life 7000 Litres (depends on source water)
Fitting Type Push Fit
Filter Type Openable Transparent
Packing 25 Pieces in 1 master cartoon box
1800 313 1983 BioPlus Profile