Bio+ BAC Filter

Bio+ BAC Filter


Block Activated Carbon (BAC) received from pure coconut shells is designed to remove unpleasant taste and odour. Bio+ BAC is made up of 4 wash activated carbon (1050-1100 iodine value), due to which no carbon dust is mixed in water.

Made up of highly compressed advanced technology, each and every water molecule has to pass through every carbon particle.

Designed to remove chlorine, organic chemicals, enhance taste of water by eradicating odour & colour and dangerous contaminants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 - What are Block Activated Carbon filters?

    BioPlus Block Activated Carbon filters are used for:

    • Pre treatment of Membrane
    • If Chlorine is less than 6-7 part per million (PPM)
    • Removal organic impurities

    (Requires direct pressure)

    2 - How to choose an Activated Carbon Filter?

    There are many types of high-tech activated carbon filters available for filtration of water. The performance of these filters depends on the strata (layers of rocks in the ground) from which it is derived (e.g. anthracite coal, bone char, coconut shell) and the way it is manufactured. Coconut shells are one of the stravas showing best results & which is why with experience & research, BioPlus offers Activated Carbon Filters made from coconut shells.

    3 - Why choose a BioPlus Activated Carbon filter?

    BioPlus Activated Carbon Filters are manufactured with the most advanced technology which provides great quality & performance. Wisely choosing an activated carbon filter in today's market needs to be taken into consideration for best quality water & value for money & performing filters.


Specification Description
Size 11” Length X 2.5” Diameter
Life 7000 Litres (depends on source water)
Fitting Type Push / Jecco fit
Filter Type Openable / Welded
Packing 40 Pieces in 1 master cartoon box


Specification Description
Size 25” MWP
Life 2000 Litres (depends on source water)
Fitting Type Push / Jecco fit
Filter Type Welded
Packing 50 Pieces in 1 master cartoon box
1800 313 1983 BioPlus Profile