Dechlorinator filter

Dechlorinator filter


Removes high ppm chlorine from corporation waters. Increases life of the membrane and protects from getting opened.

Absorbs organic impurities, removes bad smell & odour, improving taste of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 - What are Dechlorinator Filters used for?

    Dechlorinator Filters are used to remove intense Chlorine from water.

    2 - Where are Dechlorinator Filters usually used?

    Dechlorinator Filters are usually used for pre-treatment of membrane or any water treatment plant. This safeguards the further appliances making water Chlorine free.  

Dechlorinator Filter

Specification Description
Size 11” Length X 2.5” Diameter
Life 6000 Litres(depends on source water)
Fitting Type Push Fit
Filter Type Openable / Welded
Packing 40 Pieces in 1 master cartoon box
1800 313 1983 BioPlus Profile