Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter


Bio+ Sediment Filter is structured in such a way that it has a high capacity of holding dirt. Stops particles upto 5 micron. Filters roll sheet made up of 100% homopolymers. Polypropylene for a water purifier material which helps to meet the requirement for a RO + UV water purifier. Outer Cell made from polypropylene 100% virgin material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 - What are Sediment filters

    Sediment filters are filters to remove unwanted debris, micro impurities, rust formed due to aged pipes and other contaminants. It is very necessary to install one for purification as if not, can lead to damage to appliances used for purification of water.

    2 - How long do the BioPlus Sediment Filters last?

    The life of the filters depends on the impurities which pass through it. Usually for normal impure water, it lasts for approximately 6000 litres.

    3 - How do BioPlus Sediment filters work?

    BioPlus Sediment filters are made with filter roll sheets inside them. These filter roll sheets have the porosity to only let water pass through and block debris, sand & other micro impurities.

Sediment Filter

Specification Description
Size 11” Length X 2.5” Diameter
Life 6000 Litres(depends on source water)
Fitting Type Push Fit / Jecco Fit
Filter Type Welded
Packing 40 Pieces in 1 master cartoon box
1800 313 1983 BioPlus Profile